University of Tsukuba
Fumihide Tanaka Laboratory



We create agent technologies to alleviate human loneliness, anxiety, and pain, which helps our daily lives and well-being. All lab members choose each specific research topic based on their interests, ranging from making robots or VR/AR avatars to programming AI. We emphasize daily communication to help lab members to realize their dream.


Social Robotics, HRI/HCI, Agent, AI, VR/AR/avatar, Soft Robotics, Haptics, Education Support, Elderly Support, Isolation/Loneliness, Pain Relief, Conscience, Behavioral Change


A new paper published at Scientific Reports. It is about a wearable soft robot, named Reliebo, that alleviates human pain and fear. (Press Release / EurekAlert!)
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A new paper published at Frontiers in Robotics and AI. It is about a social robot, named OMOY, that makes use of its “weight-shift” to express emotions and intentions. (Press Release / EurekAlert!)