University of Tsukuba
Fumihide Tanaka Laboratory



We create agent technologies to alleviate human loneliness, anxiety, and pain, which helps our daily lives and well-being.


OMOY description (under construction).

Yohei Noguchi and Fumihide Tanaka. OMOY: A Handheld Robotic Gadget that Shifts its Weight to Express Emotions and Intentions. CHI, 2020 (Paper PDF)

Yohei Noguchi, Hiroko Kamide, and Fumihide Tanaka. Weight Shift Movements of a Social Mediator Robot Make It Being Recognized as Serious and Suppress Anger, Revenge and Avoidance Motivation of the User. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 2022 (Paper PDF)


Reliebo description (under construction).

Youchan Yim and Fumihide Tanaka. Development of an Inflatable Haptic Device for Pain Reduction by Social Touch. HRI, 2021 [Awarded Best Student Robot Design] (Paper PDF)

Youchan Yim, Yohei Noguchi, and Fumihide Tanaka. A wearable soft robot that can alleviate the pain and fear of the wearer. Scientific Reports, 2022 (Paper PDF)

Other Research Projects

TherMoody: Variable-
temperature robot
Social Mediator Robot
Connecting People
Variable-softness Robot
Olfactory Display Robot
Educational Apps for Pepper
Care-Receiving Robot
Telerobotics for Education
Child-Robot Interaction
Multitask / Lifelong
Reinforcement Learning